Philosophy, Vision, Mission


The Rizal College of Taal envisions itself as a dynamic partner in educating the youth to become economically productive, effective, responsible, research-oriented and disciplined citizenry equipped with competency in the arts, science and technology and imbued with humane principles and values.


Rizal College of Taal will strive to:

Improve the quality of instructional services;  Develop and enhance employee and faculty motivation towards commitment to the school philosophy and vision;  Provide and maintain adequate and functional instructional facilities, technologies, materials and school infrastructure;  Build and promote linkages to both private and public agencies in bringing about goodwill and support;  Offer alternative learning services to cater to the training needs of the community and society;  Promote research-oriented endeavor and undertakings


The Rizal College of Taal believes in the pursuit of education, in the inculcation of values, and the acquisition of skills; for the realization of man’s God-given potentials; so that they may participate as free, dignified, humane, productive and effective members of the family, community and society.

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