BS Computer Science (Ladderized Education Program)

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Executive Order No. 358, promulgated on September 15, 2004 institutionalized a ladderized interface between Technical-Vocational Education and Training (TVET) and Higher Education (HE). The TESDA and CHED in consultation with the concerned sectors and stakeholders establish equivalency pathways and access ramps for a ladderized system allowing for easier transition and progression between TVET and HE.

The Ladderized Bachelor of Science in Computer Science provides exit ramps for students at the end of the first year, second year, and the third year of the 4-year baccalaureate course.

After successfully completing the first year curriculum subjects, a student can pass through TESDA and be assessed for the first job platform: a student can be assessed as Computer Technicians with the title of Computer System Servicing NC II; If the student finishes all the requirements of the ladderized program, he will earn the baccalaureate degree under the supervision of Commission on Higher Education.

Therefore, a student who graduates from the ladderized Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program has the opportunity to acquire Computer Hardware Servicing National Certification Level II; as well as a Baccalaureate Degree for the entire Higher Education Computer Science Course.